One of our residents has been the victim of a theft which we are worried will set him back on his journey out of homelessness. Ryan became homeless after his relationship broke down. He has been staying at The Winchester Beacon for four months and during that time he has continued working to try and save enough money to get back on track and secure his own accommodation.

Ryan is a painter and decorator and last week the property he was working on was broken into during the night and over £1000 worth of his tools were stolen. He was keeping his tools at the property whilst on the job as without a vehicle or home of his own to store them it seemed like the safest place.

Ryan is hard worker and has put in hours of overtime to save just over £1,000 for his future. He has now had to use these savings to purchase new tools so that he can carry on working. He considered claiming on his insurance but the excess was almost the same as the cost of the stolen tools.

Ryan has been engaging really well with our support during his stay and is making great progress towards reaching his goals and escaping homelessness. Sadly, since the theft he has been very disheartened and feels like he is back to square one.

Can you help?
We have set up a fundraiser to help to try and recoup some of the money Ryan has had to spend on new tools. Help Ryan get back on track today by texting TOOLS and any amount up to £20 to 70560. Every penny donated will be passed to Ryan. You will be charged your donation amount plus one standard text message.

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