Christmas is a particularly tough time to find yourself homeless. This was perhaps even more the case last year when the nation was dealing with the instability and uncertainty created by the pandemic.

Thanks to the kindness, generosity and thoughtfulness of our supporters we were able to ensure that Christmas was special for our residents. Each person staying with us at the Nightshelter and in one of our moving on houses received a stocking or bag of goodies to open on Christmas Day. Gifts had kindly been donated by individuals and local organisations including the Salvation Army.

At the Nightshelter, volunteers kindly cooked a delicious Christmas lunch for our residents including turkey roll donated by Owtons Butchers. Meanwhile, those staying at the houses were treated to a hamper of ingredients by Clevertouch which they made into a festive feast to enjoy together. One of the residents at the houses commented on the donation:

“The roast beef with all the veg was lovely and made what has been a tough year a very special Christmas. The veg has helped us all to have more meals after as well. It gives you hope for the future when there are people like yourself that are so supportive in times of need.”

The Winchester branch of Arup generously donated £500 instead of sending their usual corporate Christmas cards. Chris Tubb Building Services thoughtfully supplied plenty of household cleaning items with the funds they would normally use for their Christmas party.

Miranda Rock from Rocketlaunch PR and co-workers at Workshop in Winchester, did a Christmas collection to get enough money to treat residents to a takeaway night over the festive season. In the end, their donation was so generous that the residents were able to enjoy two takeaway evenings.

A Nightshelter might not be the place people would choose to spend Christmas but thanks to our amazing community of supporters we were able to ensure our residents felt cared for and remembered.

Thank you to everyone who played at part in our Nightshelter Christmas. 

Christmas gifts at the Nightshelter
Hamper from Clevertouch
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