On Saturday 10th October 2020, shoes hung from the railings outside the Nightshelter to mark World Homeless Day.

Each pair of shoes hanging outside the Nightshelter represented a person who has stayed with us over the past year. The thought-provoking art installation was created to encourage people to take a moment to consider the individuals behind the issue of homelessness. It was designed to raise awareness of the different paths to homelessness and the opportunity that the Nightshelter provides to take steps to escape homelessness.

Michèle Price, Chief Executive, commented: “Over our thirty year history, we have given thousands of people hope and the chance to transform their life. We wanted to use World Homeless Day to come together we people across the globe to take a moment to think of not only the people who have stayed here with us, but everyone who has, or is, experiencing homelessness.”



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