Dave* arrived at the Nightshelter in December 2018 having been kicked out of home after a string of family arguments. He had spent some time staying on friends’ sofas before being referred to the Nightshelter. During seven months at the Nightshelter he has turned his life around thanks to the support he has been given but also a change in his own outlook.

“The Nightshelter has given me the support I needed to get myself on the right path. I’d been hanging around with the wrong people and to be honest I had become lazy.

Whilst I’ve been here I’ve gained qualifications in construction and now have a job working in the industry. Later this week I am getting the keys to my own place. I am looking forward to some privacy and my own space. I am really ready to get on with my life, a big motivator for me is my one year old daughter.

I would recommend to homeless people who come to the Nightshelter to accept all the support available. It really makes a difference. And then you’ve got to want to make a change – to be willing to sort your life out and to accept responsibility for yourself.”

*Names have been changed

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