To mark #NationalPoetryDay2020 we would like to share a beautiful poem written by a former resident at the Nightshelter to our counsellor.

Your Blossoming Bud

When I first came to see you,
I was like a flower bud,
Everything contained within me,
Needed nurturing and love.

As I started to explain my life,
I started opening up,
My story messy and hectic,
Much bigger than a buttercup!

All the months you’ve listened,
And sat and see my pain
With all your experience and knowledge,
I’m the only one to gain.

I’ve sat and listened to every word,
And now I’m in half bloom,
That little bud is growing,
From darkness, doom and gloom.

Every word we’ve spoken,
I’ll take away with me,
In an situation
I’ll use them thoughtfully.

And now my petals are open,
Very far and wide,
You’ve watered, nurtured and trusted,
You’ll always be right by my side.

I can NEVER thank you enough,
For how you’ve helped me grow,
I’m sure now, throughout my life,
Like you – our bright colours will always show!

Every resident at the Nightshelter has access to free counselling and psychotherapy. This service can provide a needed outlet and comfort on a path to trying to rebuild.
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