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Churches, organisations and groups

There are lots of ways that local organisations or groups can support the Nightshelter. 

Cooking clubs and home cooking teams - Our residents love the daily home-cooked, nutritious meals that we serve, and which are an important part of the service we provide, but it can be a struggle for us to provide for 17 residents every evening. We are always looking for volunteers or groups who can cook a meal at home and bring it in for us to freeze or serve that evening. 

Fundraise for us - If you're a member of a local organisaiton or group, why not make the Nightshelter your charity of the year? You could organise fundraising events such as a charity gig, cake sale, quiz night or raffle, to help raise awareness of our work and generate vital funds.

Talks and visits - If you host regular meetings, we would be happy to come and present a short and engaging talk on the Nightshelter and our work. Alternatively if you would like to arrange a visit to come and see us, we are always happy to show groups round.  

Please get in touch on 01962 862050 or email admin@wcns.org.uk for further information.