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09 June 2015

Homelessness statistics

Why are people homeless?

Research by the national charity Crisis looking at people's turning points into homelessness in the UK, found that reasons most often cited by male participants were relationship breakdown, substance misuse, and leaving an institution (prison, care, hospital etc.). For homeless women, the most common causes were physical or mental health problems and escaping a violent relationship.

There are also problems in wider society that can contribute towards homelessness. These structural causes might include a lack of affordable housing; high levels of poverty, unemployment or worklessness; the way in which the benefits system operates; or the way social housing is rationed.

Tackling homelessness

At the Nightshelter, not only do we welcome residents until they have secured more permanent accommodation, but we are also raising awareness of the intricate issues associated with homelessness.

Tackling homelessness is not simply a case of providing emergency accommodation. There is no quick fix solution.

Individuals need to be offered tailored, relevant support so that they can overcome any personal issues to prevent a long-term cycle of homelessness. At the Nightshelter we work with our residents to find suitable 'move on' accommodation to suit their needs, help build their self-confidence and self-esteem, address issues that may have contributed to them becoming homeless, and equip them with vital skills so that they can escape homelessness for good.

Nightshelter statistics

To view our latest annual statistics, please view the following infographic

Regional statistics

Latest statistics by Homeless Link, the national membership body for charities and organisations working in the homelessnesss, show that in Q4 2014:

  • There was an increase in homeless applications to local authorities in the South East, up by 13% from Q4 2013
  • There was also an increase in the number of acceptances of homeless applications in the South East, up by 22% compared to Q4 2013 
  • The number of homeless people staying in temporary accommodation, such as nightshelters and hostels, in the South East also increased by 11% from Q4 2013

National statistics

Latest statistics by Homeless Link show that homelessness is on the rise in England. According to data collected in the autumn of 2014 and published in February 2015:

  • 2,744 people are estimated to be sleeping rough in England on any one night 
  • This was up 14% from the estimated number of rough sleepers in 2013 and 55% from 2010

If you are looking for help or advice regarding homelessness, please see our main Resources page.