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21 December 2016

Toddlers and parents support Nightshelter

Dressed up for the cold weather: these tots have been preparing for Christmas by learning about how hard life can be for the homeless.

The children attend Henry’s kindergarten based at the Henry Beaufort School in Winchester. Their parents have joined kindergarten staff in donating gifts to the Winchester Churches Nightshelter as part of a “reverse Advent Calendar” project.

Vicky Leigh, Deputy Manager of the kindergarten explained: “We wanted to support the Nightshelter because we are concerned about the increasing number of people who are affected by homelessness in Winchester and are in need of help. “We invited parents to donate items throughout December and we hope that we have made a small difference to the residents who receive our donations. 

"We have also used this as a good opportunity to talk to the children about those less fortunate then ourselves and the importance of sharing and helping others.”

Nightshelter Manager, Michele Price welcomed the support from the youngsters. “At this time of year when there is such a focus on the family, it’s really heartwarming to receive a donation from parents and young children.

“Causes of homelessness are complicated but difficult family relationships are one contributing factor. This year the Nightshelter is open throughout the Christmas and New Year holidays and our staff and wonderful volunteers will be working hard to create a home from home holiday for our residents.”