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Move on project

15 July 2015

Nightshelter move-on project launched!

Earlier this year, the Nightshelter embarked on an exciting new initiative to increase the number of 'move on' spaces available to Nightshelter residents who are ready to take their next steps towards independent living. Cuts to homelessness provision in the region mean that beds in supported 'move on' properties in Hampshire are becoming more difficult to secure for our residents.

Supported 'move on' properties provide a much-needed stop-gap between emergency accommodation and fully independent living, preparing our residents for life after homelessness and giving them a valuable opportunity to gain experience of the rental market whilst still receiving vital support. 

After sourcing an appropriate four-bedroom house near Winchester and receiving expert advice to set up the project from local estate agent Penyards, our first 'move on' property is officially ready to be occupied! Our new tenants received their keys this week and are now settling into their new home - leaving homelessness behind for good.

Debby Hughson, the Nightshelter's Advocate and Support Worker, said: "Hampshire is a very expensive place to live, with many people priced out of both the buyers' and private rental market. As private landlords often won't take tenants in receipt of housing benefit, and the waiting list for Council properties is oversubscribed, there are very few options for Nightshelter residents who are ready to move on.

"Our new project is vital as it gives residents the opportunity to gain valuable experience of being a tenant - including managing their money and budgeting, understanding and abiding by the terms of a licence agreement, and living with others. It also allows them time to save for a deposit for the private rental sector and look for work, all in a supported, safe and pressure-free environment, building their confidence for independent living.

"Residents will stay for around three-months, depending on their circumstances, which will give them valuable breathing space before they embark on renting privately, and reduce the risk that they will slip back into homelessness."