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CSC card training

In addition to a warm bed and nutritious food, we also provide a programme of practical and emotional support with the aim of helping residents escape homelessness and rebuild their lives. We help residents find more permanent accommodation, work through any problems which may have contributed to their homelessness and also prepare them for independent living.

Our programme of support on offer to each resident includes:

  • A floating support worker to provide individual advice and advocacy for housing, employment, personal finance and other essential needs on a weekly basis
  • A confidential counselling service
  • Advice on how to access free legal advice
  • Debt and budgeting advice from our on-site advisor
  • Training and volunteer work placement schemes with local businesses (currently the University of Winchester and Winchester Cathedral) to help residents gain experience and skills for potential employment
  • Opportunities to develop independent living and employment skills
  • Access to drug and alcohol advisory services and support
  • IT training, housing support and career advice
  • Cooking workshops and nutritional advice 
  • Therapies including acupuncture
  • Social activities.

Residents are asked to engage with our floating support service but can choose as much additional support as they feel that they need. If they have substance misuse problems residents will be asked to engage with the appropriate support services to help combat their addiction.