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Night Shelter

Important information for all referral agencies

Please note that before we can accept a referral, we will require a NI (National Insurance) number and details of any benefits received.

Residents are all required to pay £2.00 per night on the door (or £10 per night if working).

We are an alcohol and drug free nightshelter and we breathalyse on the door every night. All prospective residents need to be made aware of this, as well as our house agreement, before committing to come.

Residents arrive at the earliest at 6.00pm each night and are required to leave the Nightshelter by 8.30am each morning. We are not a hostel so residents cannot return during the daytime. However, there is a local homelessness day centre (Trinity Winchester), only ten minutes walk from the Nightshelter, which is open Monday to Friday, where residents may spend the day and eat a free lunch if they wish.